Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meal Swap

I have been meaning to post this for awhile now.  It is nothing crafty but really is a time saver.

I gathered 2 of my friends and decided to do a meal swap.  What this includes is you cook one night a week for your family and two other families.  It has to be a main course and a side dish.  For example, lasagna and french bread, soup and salad, hamburgers and fries.  You get the idea.  Then you deliver your meals.  In our group if the meal is already cooked we deliver about 5:30 or so.  If they have to cook the meal (put it in the oven) we try to do it an hour early or me, I like to do it when I get it done.  So last Wednesday I made lasagna and french bread.  I baked the bread Tuesday night and made the lasagna Wednesday morning.  When I had it all done I delivered it about 2 ish.  Now it doesn't usually take that long to make those items.  I had to run to the store and grab a few things. 

The thing I love about this:
1. I don't have to cook every night
2.  I get a variety of homemade meals
3.  I cook one night a week

This means that honestly I probably get healthier meals than I probably would cook myself, and I get more time to produce crafts.  I love it and so does my family.  Another added bonus is that I don't have a dirty kitchen all the time and my kids don't cry during the hour that I would normally cook dinner.

We only do Mon-Wed.  My sister does Mon-Thurs.  We decided not to do it on Fridays because that is typically date night or the night of a million activities.

Now you can get your craft on for longer hours with meal swap.  Grab your friends and try it.  Try to find families roughly the same size to make your meal prep easier.  Have fun and enjoy your non cooking nights.



  1. Hi Brooke -- I featured your idea on my Dinner Dilemmas post. I was wondering how you would feel about writing up a little summary of how you got started with this idea and a list of some of the things you make for my next week's Dinner Dilemma post on Sunday? I have had a lot of people who are interested in learning more!


    {tatertots & jello}