Thursday, April 22, 2010

Car Seat Clippies...there is a video tutorial

Here is a video tutorial for some clippies that go on your car seat tent. You can find instructions to make a car seat tent here. This video will show you how to adjust your straps to add button holes to add clips into the button holes. Remember when you watch this that I am not an expert videographer by any means. You will find out when you watch this too. Anyway, with the clips for car seat tenst, I just like things to work in a few different ways if possible. This is my attempt to do just that. Hope you like it.

This is sad. You see I made a video for you to do this with since I am not great at tutorials and it got almost all the way uploaded and then it said "BIG FAT ERROR" really it just said error but that is what I saw.

So here it is:

Follow directions on cutting out the straps for your tent. Before you start any sewing make 2 button holes on end, the skinny end. Next put a piece of velco on the opposite end on the the button holes. With the other piece of fabric lay it down next to your button holed fabric. You are going to put your other piece of velcro on the opposite end of the where the velcro currently is. When you get that done, cut your button holes with a seam ripper. Then sew right sides together on the 2 long and 1 short side. Turn it right side out and then top stitch all around the four sides. Sew it on to your car seat tent as directed. Then run and get your daughter's hair bows or flowers or make two new ones to match. When you have them you slide them through the button holes. Voila! Multiple uses for hair bows or flowers. The more things that have more than one use the less stuff we have.

Sorry about the video. I will try to get it working later.


  1. Sooooo CUTE...we arehaving lots of babies in our extended family...I will keep this marked as a fav!


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