Saturday, January 8, 2011


I think that we all make goals to one degree or another.  Many make resolutions but a goal and a resolution to me are really one in the same.  I make goals every year, probably every day.  My every day goal list really is called a to-do list but I jot down the things I would like to accomplish that day.  

Last year about spring time, I made this full page, typed out list of things I would like or needed to get done on the yard and house.  Some were little things like clean furnace room and some were very large like finish house.  Some got done (like furnace room once upon a time) and some didn't (like the house).  But it is really a list of goals I would like to work on to accomplish.  I hung that list upon the fridge and kept it there for about 6 months.  In that time period, a lot of those things did get done.  When I took it off the fridge not nearly as many go done because I no longer saw everyday, every time I opened the fridge.  When I saw that list, I wanted to cross off as many things as I could.  Deep down, to be able to cross one item off the list just felt so good.  

Since I am a list person and you all know I make lists, it feels good to be able to write those things down.  I make lists in my head all day long but then I forget about them and they get filed away somewhere up there most likely never to be found again.  

The whole point of this rambling story:
It is good to have goals or things you would like to accomplish, even if it is just for the day.  This way, I think I stay focused on the project at hand and am less likely to let the ADD in my brain take over.  

So for 2011, I want you all to pick one word that is going to sum up the year 2011 for you.  Think hard and it can be whatever you want it to be.  Leave it as a comment and then attach that word to the top of your goal list and put that goal list somewhere you can see it everyday, several times maybe.

My word:  FOCUS

Reminds of a story that President Uchtdorf told in a talk about a plane crashing into the Everglades and killing all those on it.  It going something like this:

There was a plane flying over Florida area when the pilot notices a red light started flashing.  They (him and copilots) were so focused on why this red light was flashing that they did not realize that the plane was slowly descending.  They did not realize how much they had descended until it was too late and crashed into the Everglades.  Sad story but the parallel to our lives is that we tend to focus on so many little things that we may not think are little that we miss the big picture of what is really happening.

For me, I am so busy doing all of my little things (primary, work, dinner, managing life) that I miss what I need to be focusing on (my kids, my family).  Get it?

Anyway.   My list of goals for 2010.  Not listing them all because you probably all don't need to know.  But keep me accountable on the ones I do list.

1.  Give my kids the gift of me
2.  Exercise and eat healthier for my family
3.  Read and study scriptures daily
4.  Attend temple regularly
5.  Be okay with who I am

That is good for right now.  I could add a million things onto that but start small and simple and add later.  And I know I have said this before, but everyone really should read "the Happiness Project".  Great book, I am not saying that you all are not happy but she really does have some great insights on a lot of things.  

Good Things:
1.  Goals
2.  Health
3.  Family who helps a lot
4.  Love