Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I just wanted all of you who ever check this blog, I have not forgot about it.  I do intend to post again someday.  I don't know how diehard bloggers do it.  If you know the secrets, let me know.

I work full time at a job outside my house.
I have two kids ages 4 and 2.
My husband had double hernia surgery awhile ago and is mostly recovered.
My husband also started school on the same day he had hernia surgery.
I can only park one of two cars in our two car garage.
We are finishing a master bedroom and bathroom above our garage.
I still have to cook and clean and do laundry for my family.
I am not a night owl, I like to go to bed by 10pm. Old huh?
I am not a morning person either. 2 pm is good, i think
I don't exercise, cause I am lazy, need to, people are wondering if I am prego

I am not trying to complain about my life in any sort of way.  I have a wonderful family who is very supportive and loving.  My life is good just a little cuckoo.  Sewing and crafting has really just become a thing of the side and not too often.  I am sorry to neglect this blog, however I have realized my priorities especially my top ones don't involve blogging everyday for hours.  They involve a 4 and 2 year old, husband, work, and making life work how we can.  Do our very best at it and learn to like it even though it is not ideal.

I do have lots of plans and ideas though.  When I finishing my cooking, cleaning, raising kids or lets just be honest.  If I have a spare moment when I don't want to do the other things I will sew.  I do have some before and after pics from our house remodel and some building projects and I had a thought to see how many clothing items I can make my kids for summer without spending a buck.  Do you think I can do it?  Would you be in if I had a party?  What should we call it party?  No names come to mind.  Let me think about it for a week or so.  Then maybe in mid April we can get this party started.

Thanks for stopping by those who are devoted or just happen across this blog.  I really do love my followers and sorry that you feel neglected.