Thursday, April 15, 2010

Frilly Socks

Apparently it is baby week here this week.  I am making some baby gifts and wanted to get them all done.  Sorry, Krissy if you already know what you are getting.  I may have surprises up my sleeve.

I remember when I was little more like 7ish, I had these sock that my mom thought were great and I did not think so.  Well, now that I am a mom, every girl should have frilly socks.  Right?  So today, I am going to shoe you how to make your own frilly socks for every girls dream.

Anyway,  I got some plain white socks at the dollar store (pack of 2)..  They are a nylon cotton blend.  Nothing fancy.  Then I went to the fabric store and got some  eyelet that already has it gathered.  I am not sure what that is called.

Now, I could have measured but I didn't want to come up short because the next step depends on how much you stretch your sock. 

Put your sewing machine on zig zag.  Place the eyelet under the sock top when it is folded down and pin the end in place.  Next, pull the sock up so it is not folded over.  Start to sew around the sock placing the eyelet along the sock as you stretch it.  You don't need to stretch it a ton just a little bit as you go along.  You want to stretch it some so you can pull it on your babies foot and it would be too tight on their leg.  Once you get all the way around the sock slightly overlap the eyelet and sew down the side and finish with fray check.  I did it this way because I was unsure of how much the stretch would be.  You could pre measure and then serge the seam together and then sew the eyelet on but doing so would limit your stretch on the sock.  Is everybody following me.  I am not sure I am.  Fold the sock back over and repeat on the other sock.  Fairly simple and cute as ever.

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