Monday, April 12, 2010

Car Seat Blanket

Hey, I'm Kristine, Brooke's SIL, and I thought I'd share this car seat blanket I made recently. For me it was an inexpensive way to make our blue plaid car seat look more girly for the little one that will be here soon! Plus it's great for keeping her wrapped up and warm without worrying about the blanket falling off. And it can stay with the car seat so it's ready to go when we are, and really easy to clean. I had seen several similar blankets and wanted to make my own! I free-handed this pattern so I could be sure it would fit our car seat. I drew the pattern on several pieces of newspaper taped together. It's a clover shape, approx 54 inches in length and width. I had 1.5 yards of the pink fleece and 3 yards of the cotton (since it is 44" wide- I had to do some piecing; it would work great if you could find a cute home decor fabric that is 54" wide, then you wouldn't have to piece it), and I had plenty of fabric left over. After cutting out the shapes, I sewed the two pieces right sides together, leaving an opening to turn them. Then I stitched around the outside at about 5/8 ". I measured and traced lines onto the fabric to match the 5-point buckles on my car seat. Then I sewed rectangles around the lines with a buttonhole stitch, cut the slits open with a rotary cutter and then zigzag stitched around the slits to keep them from fraying. Pretty simple!


  1. I love this and will definitely be bookmarking!

  2. This is great!!! I really want to make one of these, thanks for the idea!

  3. I love this. What a great idea!