Monday, April 5, 2010


The finished product
adding the name and the tags
tracing the outside of the notebook
finding the coordinating paper

Supplies needed:

composition book
scrapbook paper
modge podge
paint brush

What I did here is very simple. I took a compostion notebook three or four coordinating papers of my choosing. On the paper that I wanted as the base, I traced the outline of the book on the back and cut it out. I then got out the modge podge and paint brush and painted the glue on the back of my paper. I used tags and just cut them to the size that looked about right, not too big or small. I got my paper and traced the tags on them and cut out as well. I happen to have vellum sayings so I cut the ones out I wanted and glued them on the paper then onto the tags. I added my daughter's name on the bottom with stickers. Someday I will get a cricut. I tied a little piece of grosgrain ribbon through the hole in the tag and glued on. Cute and simple. I glued my tags on with modge podge and then put them under a heavy book. Hot glue might work even better.

Now I have a journal or baby book type thing that I can write stuff in and she can color or as she gets older use for her own journal.


  1. I love the journal. We did those for our Super Saturday and they were a huge success. I have several around to keep different things in.