Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This is a headboard my husband and I made together. I had wanted a headboard for years and the ones I liked were just expensive. One day, I thought, "why don't I just make one?" Well, I told my husband about it and at first he said no. Lots of work. Then I told him I was going to make it myself and then he said I will help you.

It was actually very easy.

First, measure the width of your bed and then add about 2-3 inches depending if you want it to overlap your bed a little. Get a piece of plywood from Home Depot or Lowe's. You can actually have them cut it down to size in most cases. Get your favorite fabric and batting and go to town. I used faux suede. I came across it and Joann's when it was $3 a yard. Hard to pass up. I stapled my batting on so it wrapped around the back just slightly and then stretched the suede over that and stapled again on the back. Then I added the wood to make it a finished look. You wouldn't have to add the wood if you didn't want to. When choosing your fabric make sure you get upholstery fabric so it will be extra heavy. If you have stripes or plaid you will also want to be careful when you staple to make sure the lines are straight.


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