Saturday, February 20, 2010


For Valentines Day I had two different things going on that I needed dessert for. So I made a red velvet cake and donuts. Not just any donuts. I decided to make filling for the donuts. Three fillings later I was mostly out of my mind. Lemon, raspberry, and bavarian creme. Well, mostly bavarian creme. I thought I only needed one box of vanilla pudding but I needed 2 so I added a box of lemon. So really it was lemony bavarian creme. We still ate them. In fact, while I was making the glazed donuts everyone ate the filled donuts so I don't even know what they tasted like. All that hard work with no reward. What a shame. And even worse I don't have a picture of the finished donuts. Anyway, neither dessert was too hard to make. I decided though, that I think I like to make fancy cakes. Not the ones with fondant frosting cause that is just gross. Fancy cakes that look pretty and taste even better. SO if you have any great fancy cake stories or cooking stories let me know. I am always up for something delicious.

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