Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interfacing to the Rescue

Okay, so I am very sorry that my posts have been a little pathetic.  Cleaning mitts, come on we all know I am not a big cleaner,  should be, wish I was, but reality has set in and I am not.  In my dreams, my house is always spotless.  The work thing has caught me a little off guard and hopefully in the next few weeks it will have all settled.  Until then, here is slightly pathetic part 2 or is 24?  I lost count.

I am not a high maintenance girl.  Sometimes I wish I was a little higher to maintain.  The one thing I do is wax my eyebrows.  No, I don't pay for it I do it myself.  A few years ago (more like 7-10) I bought and eyebrow wax kit. 

In the beginning it had strips of papery like stuff that you would cut into strips to use to pull off the hair and wax.  Well, I have since used all the papery things and was left with a whole lotta wax left.  I did not want to throw it away, that would be wasteful and it was still useable.  So for awhile I did nothing, that included not waxing the eyebrows, they were beginning to form hedges.  I looked at all sorts of stores, Target, Wallies, I looked all over and couldn't find any of the strips.  I could find the whole kit again but I didn't want to spend the 8 dollars for the whole kit.  Them the lightbulb came on and it may have flickered a little but finally it was as bright as ever.  I could use interfacing!  I know what you are thinking,  "Seriously Brooke, interfacing to wax my eyebrows, yeah right".  Well you can and I did.

Supplies needed:

non fusible interfacing, the fusible kind might hurt a little bit you know with the iron and all.
home wax kit (for eyebrows)

Simply cut your non fusible interfacing in to 1/2 inch strips about 3-4 inches long.  Heat your wax up.  Apply only in the areas where you would like to remove hair.  Put the strip of interfacing on top of wax and press.  Wait a minute or two.  And...

get ready for it ...

grit your teeth...

brace yourself...


Yank or just pull on the interfacing opposite the direction of hair growth.

Then say "ouch that hurt a little bit". 

In the end, this worked great and I have less hedge like eyebrows.  If you have never done this before, go conservative.  Having more eyebrow than wanted is much better than no eyebrows at all. 

This worked for me and if you do this kind of thing, I hope it works for you.  Pathetic it may sound and be but it worked and is a  less expensive option than buying a new kit.


  1. I have always plucked my eyebrows but your method sounds interesting. I might just have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip about the interfacing.

  2. What a great idea. I was in the same boat as you. I had all this wax left from a kit I bought off tv and nothing to use after the paper was gone. Thanks so much for the tip.

    I found you via Met. Monday. Glad I did. Hope you can stop by for a visit with me over at Pittypat Paperie.

  3. This is so weird it might actually work! I bought some prewaxed little strips -- I think it says neet or nair -- and frankly they don't do much. I have tons of paraffin from a thing I dip my hands in -- think that would work with the interfacing?


  4. WOW, never thought of that!

  5. This is hilarious! You are a genius! I've waxed my brows for years now but the wax I use doesn't require strips of anything!

  6. Give a good woman a problem that needs solving and clear the road for she will find a solution! You my dear are a great woman.

  7. Okay I am going to look really silly at work with interfacing stuck to my brows when I am too chicken to yank it off. Seriously.