Monday, May 17, 2010

Gone but not forgotten

I haven't been around much lately.  I have been busy doing a little bit of everything and is only going to get busier.  I got a full time job. It should be really great.  May even lead to part time in a few months.  We will see.  What this means now is that I have to readjust and change my schedule and ways.  I have been a SAHM for the last four years.  Working from 8-5 is going to be an adjustment but hopefully it will work.  My posting and time for crafts has also taken a definite hit.  I will still try to do this in my spare time, it may be really spare though. 

I would love to host some tutorials from you and your friends.  If you want to do something shoot me an email and I would love to do something.

Here's to change...again and again.


  1. Brooke I like your blog. It is so nice to have an outlet to express creative ventures. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi, Brooke,

    It's taken me awhile, but I did post about the Sunshine Award. Thanks, again, for it. As you'll read, I'm not a decisive person when it comes to rewards. :-) Here's the link:

    Take care,
    Su-sieee! Mac

  3. Hi! I discovered your blog a while back just from clicking from one crafty blog to the next and loved you projects! Anyway...had to let you know that I can relate. I have 2 kids, 4 and 1, and I will start a full time job on June 1st. I worked part time for 3 years up until Dec last year and now it's time to go back. Best of luck to you!!