Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pursed, bags, diaper bags, church bags, call it whatever you like they are just CUTE!

This one has long strap so you can where it diagonally across your body.
This is a bigger bag. A binder can be put in this one.
This is more of a small purse like bag. Bright and cheery
This is my own purse-onal purse. I carry it around and people tell me they like it a lot.

I make bags. All kinds but recently have kind of found a niche of bag sorts. I make them all sizes, colors, add different things to them, and I love it. I sell them at a local store. $25 is the price. I usually choose super eclectic fabrics to make them stand out a little more. Here is a few of my samplings. My samplings were really above. I will get this blog thing figured out someday. Anyway, I am willing to do custom purses for the same $25. If I have to ship it I will add $5 for shipping. I put a pocket with two sides to the pocket. If you want one and I know you do, let me know. Happy Day!

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