Friday, April 11, 2014

Hats for Caleb {GOOD CAUSE}

Hi all,

I have a good friend, Emily who lost a son to Leukemia 2 years ago.  In memory of Caleb, she is getting together to make hats to donate to people who are affected by cancer.  I thought it was such a great idea that I wanted to make it a little larger.  Now she has no idea that I am even doing this and may get in trouble for this.

Here is what I am requesting:

Please if would be willing to donate your time and talents by crocheting, knitting, whatever you can do.    Any kind of hat will work; mens, womens, kids, ball caps, stocking hats, wide brimmed sun hats,  turbans, headbands, anything you can wear on your head, we will take anything.

We will also take any decoration to add to the hats; ribbon, flowers, beads, whatever would be great to decorate or embellish any kind of hat.

The event is going to be held on April 26th.  So if you could work feverishly this week and put them in the mail to me, I will the rest.

This is a really GREAT cause because probably each one of us knows at least one person who has been affected by cancer.  Emily will then take them to Hospitals and Care centers.  Please let us help those great people who perhaps need a little encouragement and something to make them the beautiful person that they are.

Please Mail all hats or embellishments to:

Brooke Crandall
390 Troy Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

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