Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Make Christmas

A few years ago, I sat back after Christmas and realized I spend entirely way too much at Christmas time.  I thought to myself that I am a fairly talented person I should be able to make most of my gifts.  So, since then I try to do my very best and make all of my Christmas gifts.  Not only does it save money, I get to enjoy something that I love to do.  I usually sew a lot of things, make crusty bread for my dad, home decor items and so on. 

This year I just discovered my daughter is really into the dress up.  For Christmas this year she is getting dress up clothes, shoes, tiaras, necklaces and so forth.  Well,  I thought a lot about my son and decided we are going to do that for him too.  He mostly likes to wear my daughter's stuff.  I have gotten a few things like the shoes and I hit a gold mine at the dollar store for pirate, knight, and army stuff.  Oh, I got a fireman's hat too.  Now I just need to fill in the rest with the clothes.  Dresses, skirts, gloves for the daughter, and scrubs, vests, chaps, pants for the son.  For the rest of the family,  haven't got quite that far yet.  I am working on it though.  I do have a few items.  For the family we draw they ususally always get pajama pants, or holiday pillowcases or something like that. 

So, I was wondering do you make Christmas?  If so, what do you make?  Are you an early shopper or a day before shopper?

Let me know, I am always looking for new ideas and we can share back and forth with everyone.

Happy Making Christmas!

Next time I Post will be fall related.  I hope


  1. That's an awesome idea! I was thinking of doing a "craft" Christmas for Andy this year, stock him up on fingerpaints, watercolors, crayons, notepads, and his big present would be an easle/chalk board. We've been trying to do this "letter a day" to help him learn his letters, speak clearly, and he LOVES coloring (in any form). That was just my "Christmas idea." Oh, and I'm totally a "done by Thanksgiving" kinda girl.

  2. Huge fan of the make-it-yourself Christmas. I have been doing this for several years and I love it! And I have to be done by October or Christmas isn't any fun for me. (I know it's a little crazy.)

  3. I was raised a farmer's daughter. Therefore...there were "good" years and "bad" years. Some years we didn't have any money for Christmas, and those were my favorite ones. That was because my Mom and Dad made everything for us, and we made presents for each other. Presents mean so much more when they have blood, sweat and tears put into them.

    I like to give some of our canned goods away instead of goodie plates. It simplifies the giving (since I've already canned them ahead of time) and people really seem to like getting something other than sweets.

    Also, if you're wanting to make the can easily make some with a pair of jeans. I used wranglers and cut the back of the jeans into the tassels. You also want to leave a piece in the back attached for a "back of the leg strap". No sewing required!

  4. This year I am making a lot of my gifts. I am making a board game for my family, aprons and matching pillowcases for all of the kids of the families we give to. I'm hoping to get watercolors, fingerpaints, something to go with the aprons, then they can use the pillowcase as a goody bag or for their pillow. I am also making flannel pajama pants.

    I am a procrastinator shopper. I am still always shopping the week before Christmas.

  5. My girls LOVE the holiday pillowcases! Thanks Brooke